What started as a pet project for me, testing pregnancy and baby products, became a full-fledged obsession! The more products I was sent to test, the more I wanted. I then branched out into toddler and kindergarten age products as my boys got older. Even that wasn’t enough, so I added in software, electronics, games and everything else anyone in my house might want to try out!

I own my own literary publicity, graphic and web design company and am currently working with many independent authors. I’ve learned a lot about the industry as well as the readers we all are. Suddenly, something was nagging at the back of my mind but I couldn’t place it.

Then I had an epiphany! I started reviewing books, book products, literary gifts and anything else “bookish” you can imagine.

As a result, I now have this book blog as a division of my original product testing site of Just My Opinion.

Sometimes, you may just see my team and I recommending fun “bookish” items you can buy online. So feel free to read our reviews, share the blog, our Facebook page and re-tweet us on Twitter.

As long as authors keep writing, we’ll keep on reading and surfing the web for products and sharing our opinions with others! Keep in mind…this is just that…Just Our Opinion only!  😉