Providence by Jamie McGuire

CLICK IMAGE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE. Rating: Okay, I was completely surprised by this book! It was incredible! I had heard it was similar to Twilight yet not a vampire story….definitely not my genre of choice. However, another author I follow recommended it, so I thought I’d try it. Superbly written and very believable! I have been looking over my shoulder… (more…)

Relatively Famous by Jessica Park

CLICK IMAGE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE. Rating: I read Flat Out Love by Jessica Park first, so it’s hard for anything to follow that one, but I really liked Relatively Famous. It’s a pretty straight forward story and sometimes predictable, but Ms. Park writes in such an amazing way that you can NOT put her books down until you’ve finished. This… (more…)

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

CLICK IMAGE FOR KINDLE PURCHASE. Rating: Beautiful Disaster is another smash hit by Jamie McGuire. I completely understand why this is her best selling novel. The characters and their development in this story are incredibly compelling. You don’t want to put the book (or your kindle) down for even a moment until you uncover all of their secrets. Just when… (more…)