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Please help us welcome Maryann Miller as our featured author today in the “Authors Against Bullying Campaign 2012”.  Maryann Miller is an award-winning author of numerous books, screenplays and stage plays!  Obviously another very busy woman who graciously offered up some of her time to contribute a feature post to our campaign!

Read what Maryann has to say about bullying, then read more about Maryann and her books and MAKE SURE TO ENTER THE HUGE GIVEAWAY at the bottom:


What a terrific idea to spend a whole month decrying the horrible practice of bullying. It seems to have gotten worse in recent years, and, unfortunately, more children suffer from physical and emotional bullying now than they did when I was growing up.

I remember being bullied as a child. I was not very attractive, something my peers seemed to find necessary to point out to me incessantly. They made fun of my glasses, the crazy haircuts my mother used to give me, the ugly clothes I wore, and anything else they could find objectionable about me. In some ways I was lucky, though, I never experienced a physical attack like young people are experiencing now.

It is frightening to see videos of kids beating up on other kids, and sometime adults as was the case with a school bus driver in Birmingham, Alabama last week.  As reported in the Birmingham News, the driver was attacked by three Huffman High School students who were subsequently arrested. 

Then there was the case of a school bus driver who was the victim of terrible emotional bullying. Karen Klein, a 69-year-old bus monitor for the Greece School District in Greece, New York became an internet sensation when her bullying video went viral.

School bus bullying has become almost like a fad and the has a terrific article for parents and students and teachers to help address the problem. School Bus Bullying, by Sara Corredor, outlines ways to spot bullying tendencies in fellow students, as well as tips for avoiding bullies and what to do should an incident occur on your school bus.

When I researched my book, Coping With Weapons and Violence at School and on Your Streets, which was first published in 1993, this type of bullying was not as common as it is today. However, there has always been a tendency for the strong to pick on the weak, or those perceived to be weak, which is why I was picked on.

Some of that tendency comes from inherent impulses, but it can easily be fueled by a mob mentality. It is easier to do something distasteful when everyone else is doing it.

Some of the tips for staying safe that I shared in my book still apply today:

            Be aware of the danger all around you.

            Believe it could happen to you. Don’t pretend it couldn’t.

            Don’t be a target. Don’t look like a victim.

            Don’t take the bait when someone taunts you.

            Avoid groups when it looks like there will be violence.

            Work with school programs to curb bullying and violence.


Maryann Miller is an award-winning author of numerous books, screenplays and stage plays. In addition to her Coping books, she has written several novels. The latest, Stalking Season, is the second book in The Seasons Series that debuted with Open Season. The mystery series features two women homicide detectives in Dallas. Miller has a woman’s novel Play It Again, Sam; a suspense novel, One Small Victory; a young adult novel, Friends Forever; and a short story collection, The Wisdom of Ages, all   available as e-books and paperbacks.

To see all of Maryann Miller’s other books, visit her Book Page on her blog.




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A special Thank You to Maryann Miller for contributing her time and her wisdom in our campaign to fight bullying!

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