Authors Against Bullying Campaign 2012 – And the Winner is……




So, all good things must come to an end.  This has been such an incredible experience for me and I’m very disappointed it’s over. It has been so much fun working with all the authors and hearing what they have to say about bullying and their personal stories.  As with their novels, many of them bared their souls for all of us to see and hoped we wouldn’t judge.  They continue to inspire me with their bravery and honesty.  They were all sensational and I truly can’t thank them enough.  Here’s who I have to thank:

Denise Grover Swank
SC Stephens
Chelsea Fine
Jillian Dodd
Karice Bolton
J. Sterling
Kate Mathias
Tara Sivec
Stacy Juba
Tracy Krauss
Shannon Mayer
CJ Roberts
Lea Nolan
Courtney Cole
Maryann Miller
Patty Blount
H.A. Lamb
Shawn Underhill
Michelle Muto

These authors put in many hours creating their feature articles, spent their own money donating copies of their books and were patient with my deadlines.  So a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all the authors.

I also want to thank YOU, the readers and followers who have made this such a successful campaign.  We had almost 8,000 entries in our giveaway and many of you came faithfully to my blog and Facebook page every day to see what the authors were saying!  Without your support this campaign would not have been possible!  SO THANK YOU!!!!

I know you all want to know who the WINNER of the HUGE GIVEAWAY is, but I wanted to just wrap up our campaign first.  So we have heard that bullying is awful, we’ve heard how it can change lives, we’ve heard how it can end lives, we’ve heard that it isn’t only happening with children and we know it’s been going on FOREVER!  I’m an 80’s kid….I remember ALL of these movies.  Here’s a fun clip….you may be surprised to see how we have sensationalized bullies throughout the years…..

I spent years watching those movies and not really grasping WHAT their actions actually meant.  Sure, I always cheered for the underdog, but never in a million years would I have imagined that bullying would escalate into the types of consequences we face today.  I LOVE what Megan Fox has to say here (beware: few adult words)…..

As I stated in the beginning, I view authors as role models.  As a society, we look up to the Entertainment Industry to set an example, set the pace and set all of us on the right path-hopefully.  Some of the top actors, singers, athletes and comedians have joined Ellen Degeneres in speaking out against bullying.

I hope that if we work together, we can put an end to videos like this one:

Bullying is NEVER OKAY!  Stand up….Help out….Reach out….

I’m closing our Authors Against Bullying Campaign with a GREAT video of a class in Vancouver Canada and what they did to stand up against bullying!  I cried and cheered and danced and smiled and realized, just ONE person CAN make a difference.  MANY, however, can start a MOVEMENT.

Please talk to your children.  Please censor what you say in front of your children.  Please be kind to others so they will be kind in return.  We need to pay attention to our actions as they affect everyone around us in so many complex ways.  In today’s busy society, it is very hard to take the time to pay attention regularly.  If we don’t, however, we can’t expect change.  Please make the effort and if we can save one person, young or old, from bullying, we have made a difference!  Remember…next time it could be YOU being bullied.

If you are someone being bullied….do not be afraid.  Talk to someone. Get help.  Fight back.  There ARE people who will support you, I promise.  Bullying is never okay-on ANY level.  If you see someone being bullied, fight back and stand up for that person.  As a society, we tend to try to stay out of other people’s business and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in most circumstances.  When it comes to bullying though, there shouldn’t be any hesitation to intervene and help.  Ever.

And finally,



CONGRATULATIONS Debbie!!  Please contact me at and let me know your email address and if you’d prefer your books in Kindle or Nook format!

Thank you SO much to all of the authors who have participated and donated their time and novels to this great cause!  I also want to thank my husband and kids for putting up with my neurotic rantings and many meltdowns as I’ve put this whole campaign together.  Together, we can help stop bullying!

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