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Tough Critic Book Reviews: 183 Followers Multi-Pack Giveaway!!!

This is an AMAZING giveaway with TONS of my favorite books!!  Visit the Tough Critic Book Reviews Site to enter today!  Just Click the image on the left and check out all the books being offered!!  Here’s an overview…. “Some blogs do a 50 follower giveaway, some 150, 200, or 500! Me of Tough Critic Book Reviews is doing a… (more…)

Indie Author Giveaway…..

This is a great giveaway of eBooks from The Busy Bibliophile! Some of my favorite authors are in the list of books to be given away….so sign up today! You can have 5 chances to sign up! This is an amazing deal….it only lasts until June 19th, so get your name in soon!! Good Luck!! Click here to enter: Indie… (more…)

The YA Curator

New Adult: A new genre climbing the indie charts “Here at TYAC, we’re all about reviewing indie YA books. But we’ve been noticing a trend. A lot of books we’ve been seeing feel a bit too old to be called YA, but they also don’t seem like adult books (and by adult, I mean books for grown ups, not BDSM… (more…)