Welcome to my Book Blog!

Just My Opinion began as a product testing website when I was pregnant with my first son.  It then evolved into pregnancy products, baby products, toddler products, books and magazines and more.  After my second son was born, I decided to branch out with the site.  I now test everything and anything.  I’ve added software, electronics, educational items and much more.

Recently, I’ve found myself with time to read voraciously again!  It’s wonderful!  I’ve found some really great self-publishing authors through Amazon and my Kindle!  The Kindle has opened up a whole new market and It’s a phenomenon and I’m HOOKED!  On that note, I am starting my own blog with all the books I’m reading.  So….here we are.  These reviews are all Just My Opinion, but I felt it was worth branching off my main site to share these titles with you!  They may just make you call in sick to work…..